25th August 2019

Overnight was clear, as dawn approached the sky became heavily overcast and it did not get completely light until after 6am. Skräntärna/Caspian tern were seen in the south during the morning. Bläsand/wigeon, kricka/teal, stjäartand/pintail and svärta/velvet scoter were seen going west over the island in the north throughout the morning and a videsparv/rustic bunting was to the south of the Fågelstation.

Wind: South southwest
Strength 3-8 m/s
Temperature: 17-22
Visibility: Good
Cloud cover: 8/8 – 2/8
Precipitation: None.

44 birds ringed: Rödhake/robin 2, koltrast/blackbird 1, härmsångare/icterine warbler 2, artsångare/lesser whitethroat 7, trädgårdssångare/garden warbler 5, lövsångare/willow warbler 24, grå flugsnappare/spotted flycatcher 1, törnskata/red-backed shrike 1, rosenfink/rosefinch 1.