9th August 2019

A bright and clear morning. Storspov/curlew and gluttsnäppa/greenshank were heard migrating along the coasts sporadically throughout the day, the occasion storspov/curlew seen crossing the island going from east to west. Two lärkfalk/hobby flew north over the fågelstation mid morning and a single göktyta/wryneck was in Bredmar. One vandrande
ängstrollslända/red-veined darter was located in Bredmar basking on the rocks There has been an increase of starrmosaikslända with three in Bredmar and individuals seen at three other points on Landsorts and a female ovipositing in the pool at Branddammen.

Wind: Northwest/west
Strength 2-8 m/s
Temperature: 18-23
Visibility: Good
Cloud cover: 0/8
Precipitation: None

24 birds ringed: Rödhake/robin 1, rödstjärt/redstart 1, koltrast/blackbird 2, härmsångare/icterine warbler 3, ärtsångare/lesser whitethroat 6, törnsångare/whitetyhroat 1, grönsångare/wood warbler 1, törnskata/red-backed shrike 2, pilfink/tree sparrow 7.