11th August 2019

A blustery day prevented any ringing activity. Storspov/curlew were heard but not seen going south and four gluttsnäppa/greenshank were feeding in Saltmar during the afternoon. In Bredmar five vandrande
ängstrollslända/red-veined darter were basking on the rocks and a pair were in tandem over the water. Also in Bredmar there were two Kejsartrollslända/Emperor dragonfly patrolling the edge of the reedbed and a female brun mosaikslända/brown hawker was egg laying.

Wind: Southwest
Strength 10-18 m/s
Temperature: 19-21
Visibility: Good
Cloud cover: 8/8 – 4/8
Precipitation: Drizzle after sunrise, brightening up through the day and heavy showers in the evening

Nets not opened today