18th August 2019

The day
started with strong southerlies and these gradually dropped off throughout the
day. No ringing took place due to the wind. Migrating south past Vadarbunkern
between 09:10 and 11:00 were 27 Bar-tailed Godwit (Myrspov), 10 Grey Plover
(Kustpipare), 134 Oystercatcher (Strandskata), five Whimbrel (Småspov), two Knot
(Kustsnäppa), 40 Dunlin (Kärrsnäppa), one Curlew Sandpiper (Spovsnäppa), one
Ringed Plover (Större strandpipare), one Redshank (Rödbena), one Caspian Tern
(Skränterna), seven Shoveler (Skedand), 11 Teal (Kricka), two Curlew (Storspov) and one Baltic Gull
(Silltrut). There was much less movement there this evening although two
Turnstones (Roskarl) flew south.

Wind: Southerly to westerly
Strength 4-17 m/s
Temperature: 18-19
Visibility: Good
Cloud cover: 4-8/8
Precipitation: Persistent rain
from about 19:00.