15th August 2019

The day
started off with strong westerlies which decreased by mid-morning and picked up
again in the evening, moving to a more southwesterly direction. A bit of wader
migration was recorded from Vadarbunkern this evening with 22 Bar-tailed
(Myrspov), a Ringed Plover (Större strandpipare), a Golden Plover (Ljungpipare)
and three Redshank (Rödbena) recorded migrating south. A Wryneck (Göktyta) was
at Saltmar and a Cuckoo (Gök) at Våta Väggen, while a Kestrel (Tornfalk) was
seen around the south. The nets were not opened today.

Wind: Westerly to southwesterly
Strength 3-13 m/s
Temperature: 16-20
Visibility: Good
Cloud cover: 0-3/8
Precipitation: None