3rd August 2019

A sunny day
with a variable north-easterly breeze. Four Garganey (Årta) and a Carrion Crow (Svartkråka) flew past Södra
Udden early morning and a Marsh Harrier (Brun Kärrhök) and an Osprey
(Fiskgjuse) flew north in the afternoon. 11 birds were ringed this morning. At least 10
Red-veined Darters (Vandrande ängstrollslända) are still around Bredmar with a handful also at Saltmar,
including some relatively freshly emerged individuals.

Wind: Northeasterly
Strength 2-10 m/s
Temperature: 16-22
Visibility: Good
Cloud cover: 1-4/8
Precipitation: None

Ringing day totals:

Warbler / Härmsångare: 2

Whitethroat / Törnsångare: 1

Warbler / Lövsångare: 4

Tree Sparrow / Pilfink: 4

Total: 11