25th May 2019

It seemed to get darker following sunrise as the cloud rolled in, it brightened up by midday for a pleasant afternoon. Highlights this morning were göktyta/wryneck, which were heard singing at the southern and northern end of the island, rörsångare/reed warbler and härmsångare/icterine warbler that had arrived overnight and four tornseglare/swift were feeding over the reedbed.

Wind: West
Strength: 7,9 – 10,8 m/s
Temperature: 10°C
Visibility: Moderate
Cloud cover: 8/8 until mid morning then 4/8
Percipitation: Sporadic misty rain until 6:30am then dry.

29 birds ringed: rödstjärt (redstart) 5, buskskvätta (whinchat) 1, rörsångare (reed warbler) 2, härmsångare (icterine warbler) 3, ärtsångare (lesser whitethroat) 10, törnsångare (whitethroat) 1, lövsångare (willow warbler) 5, svartvit flugsnappare (pied flycatcher) 2.