1st May 2019

A period of rain this morning starting around 09:30 meant
closing up all the nets early. As we were catching relatively few birds and several
flocks of seaducks had been passing over the obs, Espen headed down to S. Udden at 06:30 for a short seawatch which produced the highlights of 306
Velvet Scoter (Svärta) and two Red-necked Grebes (Gråhakedopping),
along with a moderate migration of other seaducks and auks.

47 birds were ringed this morning.

There will be two at the obs
tonight: Espen and Matt.

Wind: Southerly
Strength: 5-7 m/s
Temperature: 5-10
Visibility: Good
Cloud cover: 5-8/8
Precipitation: Short period of rain during the morning and another mid-afternoon.

Ringing day totals:

Wren / Gärdsmyg: 2

Robin / Rödhake: 25

Redstart / Rödstjärt: 1

Song Thrush / Taltrast: 3

Lesser Whitethroat / Ärtsångare: 2

Chiffchaff / Gransångare: 3

Willow Warbler / Lövsångare: 5

Goldcrest / Kungsfågel: 3

Great Tit / Talgoxe: 1

Chaffinch / Bofink: 2

Total: 47