28th June 2019

A pleasant morning with light breeze and clear sky. The first fledgling törnsångare/whitethroat for Landsort this year was ringed and two Kustlabb/Arctic skua flew north mid afternoon. Fyrfläckad trollslända/Four-spotted chasers were active on the pond and gammafly/silver Y were feeding on the flowers along the road throughout the island.

Wind: Northwest
Strength 6 – 8 m/s
Temperature: 16
Visibility: Good
Cloud cover: 0-2/8
Precipitation: None

15 birds ringed: törnsångare/whitethroat 1, trädgårdssångare/garden warbler 1, svarthätta/blackcap 1, blåmes/blue tit 1, talgoxe/great tit 5, trädkrypare/treecreeper 1, pilfink/tree sparrow 5