4th June 2019

On and off
rain this morning prevented any nets being opened today.
A Marsh Warbler (Kärrsångare) was singing at Södra Udden along with two at
Saltmar, and an Arctic Skua (Kustlabb) flew north. Other exciting news is that the Lesser Whitethroat (Ärtsångare) we retrapped last month sets a new longevity record for the species Europe (and very possibly the world), with a calculated lifespan of eight years and 11 months, 12m longer than the previous oldest known bird from the UK.

Wind: Southwesterly to southerly
Strength 3-11 m/s
Temperature: 9-18
Visibility: Moderate to good
Cloud cover: 3-8/8
Precipitation: Showers all
morning and into early afternoon