26th April 2019

A Hoopoe (Härfågel) was found at the north end this afternoon
at the goat fields. The Marsh Harrier (Brun kärrhök) was seen again over
the obs this morning hunting over the reedbed. Several each of Common Redstart
(Rödstjärt) and
Black Redstart (Svart Rödstjärt)
were seen in the village and at the north end.

108 birds were ringed this morning but of only five species, as
well as a Goldcrest (Kungsfågel) with a German

There will be ten at the obs
tonight: Matt, Espen, Emma and group for tomorrow’s radio broadcast, Håkan,
Albin and Nikkolas.

Wind: Northeasterly
Strength: 6-9 m/s
Temperature: 6-9
Visibility: Good
Cloud cover: 3-8/8
Precipitation: None

Ringing day totals:

Robin / Rödhake: 83

Song Thrush / Taltrast: 1

Chiffchaff / Gransångare: 11

Goldcrest / Kungsfågel: 12

Yellowhammer / Gulsparv: 1

Total: 108