14th April 2019

Overcast during the morning then brightening up late afternoon. There were three birds ringed today, two Robin (Röhake) and one great tit (Talgoxe) and although it was quite at the nets a woodcock (Morkulla) was displaying before dawn, yellowhammer (Gulsparv) were singing along the lane and a snipe (Enkelbeckasin) was on the playing field.

There will be two at the Observatory tonight, Matt and Liam.

Wind: Northerly
Strength: 5-7 m/s

Temperature: 3°C

Cloud: 6/8

Precipitation: None

Ringing day total:

Robin/Röhake 2
Great tit/Talgoxe 1

The first butterfly of the year for the wardens during the afternoon on 13th April was a Brimstone (Gonepteryx rhamni)