25th April 2019

Among a total of sixty birds ringed this morning were three
new species for the year: Tree Pipit (Trädpiplärka), Lesser Whitethroat
(Ärtsångare) and Common Redstart (Rödstjärt).

A number of good species were seen from and around
the obs today including a male Marsh Harrier (Brun kärrhök), Common Buzzard (Ormvråk), Collared Dove (Turkduva), a
female Black Redstart (Svart Rödstjärt) and best of all an Eagle Owl (Berguv) seen flying past the kitchen

There will be two at the obs
tonight: Matt and Espen.

Wind: Easterly
Strength: 6-8 m/s
Temperature: 6-9
Visibility: Moderate
Cloud cover: 4-8/8
Precipitation: None

Ringing day totals:

Tree Pipit / Trädpiplärka: 1

White Wagtail / Sädesärla: 1

Dunnock / Järnsparv: 2

Robin / Rödhake: 27

Redstart / Rödstjärt: 2

Redwing / Rödvingetrast: 1

Lesser Whitethroat / Ärtsångare: 1

Chiffchaff / Gransångare: 11

Willow Warbler / Lövsångare: 3

Goldcrest / Kungsfågel: 6

Chaffinch / Bofink: 5

Total: 60