11th April 2019

A much calmer day today meant we were able to open all the nets. Only 11 bird were ringed but a good number of retraps were also caught, reflecting the overall dearth of northbound migrants after the period of cold northerlies.

There will be two at the obs tonight: Matt and Espen

Wind: Northeasterly
Strength: 2-6 m/s
Temperature: 0-2
Visibility: Good
Cloud cover: 6-8/8
Precipitation: Light and intermittent snow

Ringing day totals:

Wren / Gärdsmyg: 1

Robin / Rödhake: 3

Blue Tit / Blåmes: 1

Chaffinch / Bofink: 3

Siskin: 1

Yellowhammer / Gulsparv: 2

Total: 11