31st July 2020

Overnight rain delayed the first net being opened until 4:45am and the blustery gusts restricted the number of nets that could be opened.

Observed migrating west during the morning were 26 Strandskata/oystercatcher and 8 Gluttsnäppa/greenshank. A female Sparvhök/sparrowhawk was hunting around the Fågelstation throughout the day, a Tornfalk/kestrel was hunting on the west coast and a Lärkfalk/hobby was noted late morning.

Wind: North to northwest
Strength 5-13m/s
Temperature: 14-22
Visibility: Good
Cloud cover: 8-4/8
Precipitation: Rain overnight

25 birds ringed:

Sparvhök/sparrowhawk 1, Härmsångare/icterine warbler 5, Ärtsångare 2, Trädgårdssångare/garden warbler 1, Grönsångare/wood warbler 1, Lövsångare/willow warbler 2, Svartvit flugsnappare/pied flycatcher 1, Talgoxe/great tit 2, Törnskata/red-backed shrike 1, Bofink/chaffinch 3, Grönfink/greenfinch 3, Steglits/goldfinch 1, Hämpling/linnet 2.