28th October 2017

Heavy rain through the morning and into the early afternoon along with a strong to occasionally very strong wind prevented any netting today.

Håkan and Lasse spent the morning trying to find some birds, with limited success while Kay cleaned the Obs and Chris spent time getting computer files ready for the 2018 staff.

Håkan left on the 1330 ferry with Måns, Johan and the four youngsters arriving in the afternoon. Despite their best efforts in the afternoon, no birds of any note were found!

There will be five adults and four children at the Obs overnight: Chris, Kay, Lasse, Måns, Johan and 4 youngsters.

Wind: North-west
Strength: Strong to very strong, 8-15 m/s
Temperature: 5
Visibility: Moderate, 4-10 km
Cloud cover: Overcasat 8/8
Precipitation: Heavy rain

of interest

White-tailed Eagle Havsörn 5 SUDD
Northern Goshawk Duvhök 1 Female – SUDD
Eurasian Sparrowhawk Sparvhök 1 Male – SUDD
Eurasian Skylark Sånglärka 1 Staging
Bohemian Waxwing Sidensvans 60 Staging
Hawfinch Stenknäck 1 Staging, SUDD