31st August 2017

Heavy rain overnight and until after 1000 in the morning produced over 30mm of rain and prevented any netting this morning.

A trip to the north of the island produced sightings of very few passerines – in fact the island seemed largely devoid of small birds!

Morning spent doing end of month paperwork, reports etc

There will be three at the Obs overnight: Chris, Kay & Sorcha.

Wind: North-east
Strength: Strong, 8-13 m/s
Temperature: 13
Visibility: Haze, 1-4km
Cloud cover: Overcast 8/8
Precipitation: Heavy Rain


No ringing today

of interest

Merlin Stenfalk 1 Foraging over Obs
Common Cuckoo Gök 1 Migrating
European Green Woodpecker Gröngöling 1 Call, near north Harbour
Great Spotted Woodpecker Större hackspett 1 Near North Harbour
Northern Wheatear Stenskvätta 1 North Harbour