12th August 2017

The opening of nets was delayed until 0630 due to a definite forecast of prolonged rain throughout the morning. By 0630, with SMHI still showing rain falling over Landsort, the nets were opened in completely dry conditions and, apart from one or two drops of rain, the morning remained dry. Nets closed at 1200.

A pleasing total of 32 new birds of 13 species, with a good total of 14 Ärtsångare (Lesser Whitethroat). A unexpected 1cy male Bergfink (Brambling) was only the 6th August capture in the history of the Obs and the earliest by eight days.

David and Maya left the island at 0930 giving just two at the Obs overnight: Chris & Kay.

Wind: South
Strength: Light wind, 1-3 m/s
Temperature: 18
Visibility: Good, 10-20km
Cloud cover: Overcast, 8/8
Precipitation: Dry


Wren Gärdsmyg 1
Song Thrush Taltrast 1
Sedge Warbler Sävsångare 1
Lesser Whitethroat Ärtsångare 14
Whitethroat Törnsångare 1
Garden Warbler Trädgårdsångare 1
Blackcap Svarthätta 2
Willow Warbler Lövsångare 3
Red-backed Shrike Törnskata 2
Chaffinch Bofink 1
Brambling Bergfink 1
Greenfinch Grönfink 3
Goldfinch Steglits 1

of interest

Eurasian Sparrowhawk Sparvhök 2 Foraging
Common Swift Tornseglare 50 Foraging
Eurasian Wryneck Göktyta 1 Individually marked
Barn Swallow Ladusvala 40 Foraging
Common House Martin Hussvala 30 Foraging
Thrush Nightingale Näktergal 1 Individually marked
Common Redstart Rödstjärt 1 Individually marked
European Greenfinch Grönfink 40 Foraging