22nd July 2017

All 30 nets opened at 0345 and closed at 1100 with 24 new birds of 12 species including 6 Svarthätta (Blackcap) one of the highest day captures for this species in July over the last 30 years.

Migration watching by Janne & Bosse (the sleepers!!!) in the south, though quiet, produced a movement of tärna (terns), a mix of waders and two Svarthakedopping (Horned Grebe) migrating SW.

The Gröngöling seen yesterday was still present through the morning.

There will be 4 at the Obs overnight: Chris, Kay, Janne & Bosse.

Wind: South-west
Strength: Light, 1-3 m/s increasing
Temperature: 18
Visibility: Good, 10-20km
Cloud cover: Partly cloudy, 3-5/8
Precipitation: Dry

Swallow Ladusvala 2
White Wagtail Sädesärla 1
Robin Rödhake 2
Blackbird Koltrast 1
Lesser Whitethroat Ärtsångare 1
Whitethroat Törnsångare 1
Garden Warbler Trädgårdsångare 1
Blackcap Svarthätta 6
Willow Warbler Lövsångare 5
Red-backed Shrike Törnskata 1
Chaffinch Bofink 2
Redpoll cabaret Gråsiska 1

of interest

Horned Grebe Svarthakedopping 2 Migrating SW
Dunlin Kärrsnäppa 3 Migrating SW
Bar-tailed Godwit Myrspov 90 Migrating SW
Spotted Redshank Svartsnäppa 1 Migrating SW
Wood Sandpiper Grönbena 1 Jutvik
Common Sandpiper Drillsnäppa 3 Jutvik
Arctic/Common Tern Silver/ Fisktärna 130 Migrating SW
Common Cuckoo Gök 1 Flying overhead
Common Swift Tornseglare 20 Flying overhead
European Green Woodpecker Gröngöling 1 Flying overhead
Common House Martin Hussvala 50 Feeding