2nd July 2017

All nets opened at 0415, some closed at 1100 and the rest at 1145. A total of 22 new birds trapped of 17 species, including the first fledged Stenskvätta (Wheatear) of the year.

A guided talk was given to seven people, lasting over 90 minutes – a good level of interest shown by everyone, really enjoyable session!!!

In the afternoon the last three nest boxes of the year were visited – two broods of Talgoxe (Great Tit) produced 11 more birds and the final box was a great reward of 6 young and healthy Göktyta (Wryneck) and an adult – 7 birds in total. A great way to finish checking all the boxes we could find on the island (240 boxes). This gives 40 new birds of 18 species for the day.

To top it all we now have Tornseglare going into and staying in two of the nest boxes!

End of week reports still to do then it might just be time for a drink!

Wind: South-west
Wind strength: Light, 1-3 m/s
Temperature: 18
Visibility: Good, 10-20km
Cloud Cover: Almost clear, 1-2/8
Precipitation: Dry


Wryneck Göktyta 7
House Martin Hussvala 1
Wheatear Stenskvätta 1
Blackbird Koltrast 1
Song Thrush Taltrast 1
Icterine Warbler Härmsångare 1
Lesser Whitethroat Ärtsångare 1
Garden Warbler Trädgårdsångare 1
Blackcap Svarthätta 1
Willow Warbler Lövsångare 1
Blue Tit Blåmes 1
Great Tit Talgoxe 12
Nuthatch Nötväcka 1
Tree Sparrow Pilfink 3
Chaffinch Bofink 2
Greenfinch Grönfink 2
Goldfinch Steglits 1
Yellowhammer Gulsparv 2

of interest
Common Teal Kricka 1 Female, flushed from Bredmar reeds
Velvet Scoter Svärta 7 Flew over Obs
Horned Grebe Svarthakedopping 2 Pair without chicks, Norrhamn
Whimbrel Småspov 1 Heard overhead
Green Sandpiper Skogssnäppa 1 Staging, Bredmar
Common Greenshank Gluttsnäppa 3 Flying overhead
Parasitic Skua Kustlabb 1 Dark phase, being mobbed by terns, West harbour
Common Swift Tornseglare 5 Flying around Obs, two entering different nest boxes
Eurasian Wryneck Göktyta 2 Calling, Bredmar