20th June 2020

A breezy day with wind picking up throughout, the number of nets opened was limited by this. Eight birds were ringed. A Hobby (Lärkfalk) was present around Bredmar and a Poplar Hawk-moth (Poppelsvärmare) was caught in the trap.

Wind: Northeast
Strength 8-17m/s
Temperature: 16-18
Visibility: Good
Cloud cover: 0-1/8
Precipitation: None

Ringing day totals:

Blackbird / Koltrast: 3

Chiffchaff / Gransångare: 1

Willow Warbler / Lövsångare: 1

Great Tit / Talgoxe: 1

Chaffinch / Bofink: 1

Rosefinch / Rosenfink: 1

Total: 8