16th June 2020

A strong easterly breeze to start the day and rain on the radar delayed the nets being opened until 7am, when the much needed rain had stopped. During the shower 6 tofsvipa/lapwing landed on the field to the north of the Fågelstation, they then continued north later in the morning. A total of 21 Lapwing were seen during the morning, all going north. There was a Sibirisk gransångare/Siberian chiffchaff singing near the Fågelstation after dawn and 24 mindre korsnäbb/red crossbill were migrating west mid morning.

Wind: East to northeast
Strength 2,5-9,6m/s
Temperature: 12-15
Visibility: Moderate to very good
Cloud cover: 8 then 4/8
Precipitation: 8mm between 5 and 7am

8 birds ringed today:

1 kärrsångare/marsh warbler, 1 rörsångare/reed warbler, 1 ärtsångare/lesser whitethroat, 2 talgoxe/great tit, 1 grönfink/greenfinch, 2 hämpling/linnet.