7th July 2019

Unexpectedly high winds this morning meant that again we were not able to open the nets. A Red-veined Darter (Vandrande ängstrollslända) was found at Bredmar and would represent the first record for the island. 28 Northern Brown Argus (Midsommarblåvinge) were seen between Våta Vägen and Landsorts Batteri. The first Swift (Tornseglare) chicks were heard calling from one of the nestboxes on the obs , hopefully it won’t be too long before we see the first juveniles flying around!

There will be two members staying at the obs tonight: Niklas and Mikael.

Wind: Westerly to northwesterly
Strength 0-14m/s
Temperature: 12-18
Visibility: Good
Cloud cover: 3-7/8
Precipitation: Rain showers early morning