13th July 2018

Nets opened at 0415 and closed at 1100 with 23 new birds of 13 species. Included in this was a brood of very recently fledged Lesser Whitethroat (Ärtsångare) from the nest in the honeysuckle in front of the Observatory. After watching the adults build the nest, then take food into the young over the last few weeks, the young left the nest today and were seen sitting in the sunshine. Picked up, ringed and returned!!!

First fledged Icterine Warblers (Härmsångare) also caught.

There will be two at the Obs overnight: Chris & Kay

Wind: North-east
Strength: Light, 1-3 m/s
Temperature: 24
Visibility: Good, 10-20km
Cloud cover: Clear, 0/8
Precipitation: Dry


Robin Rödhake 1
Thrush Nightingale Näktergal 1
Blackbird Koltrast 1
Reed Warbler Rörsångare 1
Icterine Warbler Härmsångare 4
Lesser Whitethroat Ärtsångare 5
Garden Warbler Trädgårdsångare 2
Blue Tit Blåmes 1
Tree Sparrow Pilfink 1
Chaffinch Bofink 1
Greenfinch Grönfink 2
Linnet Hämpling 2
Redpoll cabaret Gråsiska cabaret 1