28th June 2017

All nets opened at 0415 in almost calm conditions, only a very light wind from NW. Gradually increased and went to E but only 4-6 m/s. Some nets closed at 1100 and the rest at 1145.

Another good morning with 30 new birds of 17 species. Among them were the first fledged young for both Ärtsångare & Törnsångare (Lesser & Common Whitethroat).

A guided talk given to three adults and two children giving an attendance of 200 for the season so far.

There will be just Chris & Kay at the Obs overnight.

Wind: North-west gradually turning East
Wind strength: Almost calm becoming 4-7 m/s
Temperature: 15
Visibility: Good, 10-20 km
Cloud Cover: Almost clear, 1-2/8
Precipitation: Dry


Great Spotted Woodpecker Större hackspett 1
White Wagtail Sädesärla 3
Thrush Nightingale Näktergal 1
Icterine Warbler Härmsångare 1
Lesser Whitethroat Ärtsångare 4
Whitethroat Törnsångare 2
Garden Warbler Trädgårdsångare 1
Blackcap Svarthätta 1
Chiffchaff Gransångare 1
Marsh Tit Entita 1
Great Tit Talgoxe 1
Nuthatch Nötväcka 2
Tree Sparrow Pilfink 2
Greenfinch Grönfink 5
Goldfinch Steglits 2
Linnet Hämpling 1
Scarlet Rosefinch Rosenfink 1

of interest

Common Snipe Enkelbeckasin 1 Displaying, Bredmar
Whimbrel Småspov 1 Migrating SW
Eurasian Curlew Storspov 50+ Migrating SW
Common Greenshank Gluttsnäppa 1 Heard overhead
Common Sandpiper Drillsnäppa 1 Present, Bredmar
Eurasian Collared Dove Turkduva 2 In pair, Sudre Lunden