9th June 2017

All nets opened at 0345 and closed at 1030 when a rain shower came through. Wind started off W and backed to S then SE as it continued to drop to give almost calm conditions.

A very pleasant mornings ringing with 26 new birds of 19 species, including our first Nötväcka (Nuthatch) and Kaja (Jackdaw) of the year, the Kaja being a young bird not long out of the nest. Also caught the second Lundsångare (Greenish Warbler) of the year and the 10th Mindre flugsnappare.

Having problems with Trichomonas ( a throat parasite) in some of our seed-eating birds. So we have cleared a lot of old seed and husks from under the feeders and put a board under them, which will catch the fallen seed and make it easier to clear up old and spoilt food. The board is NOT for use as a bird table and we will stop putting food in the hoppers for a few weeks to try and get the outbreak under control.

Afternoon will be spent doing the usual tidy up ready for people staying the weekend.

There will be eight at the Obs overnight; Chris, Kay, Johann, Måns and their four young children.

Wind: West, backing to S then SE
Wind strength: Moderate, 4-7m/s dropping to calm
Temperature: 12
Visibility: Moderate, 4-10km
Cloud Cover: Cloudy, 6-7/8
Precipitation: Dry with light rain at 1030

White Wagtail Sädesärla 1
Thrush Nightingale Näktergal 1
Wheatear Stenskvätta 1
Marsh Warbler Kärrsångare 2
Reed Warbler Rörsångare 1
Icterine Warbler Härmsångare 1
Garden Warbler Trädgårdsångare 2
Blackcap Svarthätta 1
Greenish Warbler Lundsångre 1
Willow Warbler Lövsångare 1
Red-breasted Flycatcher Mindre flugsnappare 1
Nuthatch Nötväcka 1
Red-backed Shrike Törnskata 1
Jackdaw Kaja 1
Chaffinch Bofink 2
Greenfinch Grönfink 3
Redpoll Gråsiska 1
Redpoll cabaret Gråsiska 1
Scarlet Rosefinch Rosenfink 3

of interest

Tufted Duck Vigg 2 As a pair taking off from Bredmar
Velvet Scoter Svärta 45 Flying south down west coast
Common Snipe Enkelbeckasin 1 Displaying male
Black-headed Gull Skrattmås 8 Flying over – failed breeders?
Common Swift Tornseglare 4 Flying over
Common Swift Tornseglare 2 Investigating nest boxes
Eurasian Wryneck Göktyta 1 Calling
Thrush Nightingale Näktergal 2 Singing
Icterine Warbler Härmsångare 3 Singing
Common Rosefinch Rosenfink 3 Singing