23rd June 2017

All nets opened at 0415 and closed at 1100 with 30 new birds of 14 species taking the total for the year over 2800.

With today being mid-summer there is not much planned for working this afternoon!!!

There will be 8 at the Obs tonight: Chris, Kay, Janne, Bosse, Lena, Kalle, Marie and Anneka

Wind: South-east
Wind strength: Light, 1-3 m/s
Temperature: 15
Visibility: 10-20km
Cloud Cover: Partly cloudy, 3-5/8
Precipitation: Dry


White Wagtail Sädesärla 5
Blackbird Koltrast 1
Song Thrush Taltrast 2
Icterine Warbler Härmsångare 1
Lesser Whitethroat Ärtsångare 1
Whitethroat Törnsångare 1
Willow Warbler Lövsångare 1
Great Tit Talgoxe 1
Starling Stare 6
Tree Sparrow Pilfink 4
Chaffinch Bofink 1
Greenfinch Grönfink 3
Redpoll cabaret Gråsiska 1
Yellowhammer Gulsparv 2

of interest
Whimbrel Småspov 1 Call heard
Common Greenshank Gluttsnäppa 1 Flying overhead
Common Sandpiper Drillsnäppa 1 Calling in Bredmar