3rd August 2020

There was very little migration offshore during the morning, the only movement of note being a flock of 8 Kustsnäppa/red knot, that were going south, observed from the wader bunker.

There were two Kejsartrollslända/Emperor dragonfly (Anax imperator) over the pond during the afternoon, they were first recorded for this year at the pond on Friday.

Wind: West to southwest
Strength 4-10m/s
Temperature: 15-18
Visibility: Very good
Cloud cover: 1-3/8
Precipitation: None

16 birds ringed:

Rödhake/robin 1, Ärtsångare/lesser whitethroat 5, Trädgårdssångare/garden warbler 1, Lövsångare/willow warbler 1, Svartvit flugsnappare/pied flycatcher 1, Pilfink/tree sparrow 6, Grönfink/greenfinch 1