2nd August 2020

A humid but clear and calm start to the day. Very little to note from migration observations, everything was fairly still until after 5:30am. There were two recently fledged Härmsångare/icterine warbler in the Alders on the football field, calling their parents to feed them and a flock of Ladusvala/barn swallow were feeding around the Fågelstation late morning, also with an increase of juveniles.

Wind: South to southwest
Strength 3-9m/s
Temperature: 15-18
Visibility: Good
Cloud cover: 1-8/8
Precipitation: None

33 birds ringed:

Ladusvala/barn swallow 4, Koltrast/blackbird 2, Sävsångare/sedge warbler 1, Härmsångare/icterine warbler 2 , Ärtsångare/lesser whitethroat 6, Törnsångare/whitethroat 5, Grönsångare/wood warbler 1, Lövsångare/willow warbler 1, Svartvit flugsnappare/pied flycatcher 1, Blåmes/blue tit 1, Talgoxe/great tit 1, Törnskata/red-backed shrike 2, Pilfink/tree sparrow 1, Bofink/chaffinch 1, Grönfink/greenfinch 1, Hämpling/linnet 1, Gulsparv/yellowhammer 2.