7th November 2019

The nets were opened for the first time in a few days although now migration seems to have more or less fizzled out and only 6 new birds were ringed, along with a large number of retrap Great Tit (Talgoxe) and Blue Tit (Blåmes).

Wind: Northeast
Strength 4-10 m/s
Temperature: 0-2
Visibility: Good to moderate
Cloud cover: 8/8
Precipitation: light drizzle late morning

Ringing day totals:

Robin / Rödhake: 1

Blackbird / Koltrast: 1

Redwing / Rödvingetrast: 1

Blue Tit / Blåmes: 1

Treecreeper / Trädkrypare: 1

Mealy Redpoll / Gråsiska: 1

Total: 6