25th April 2017

Up at 0400 but far too windy to open nets, so a lie in until 0530. Still too windy and with a mix of snow/ rain showers all morning there was no opportunity to open nets in safety.

Morning spent catching up a paperwork/ washing etc before a public guided talk to 11 people, which went very well despite the lack of birds and produced many interesting questions and conversations about the importance of research, changing status of species, migration, ecology, bird behaviour etc. Resulted in a long chat of 90 minutes which was enjoyed by all.

Heavier and more prolonged periods of snow this afternoon will result in more paperwork!

Just Chris & Kay at the Obs overnight.


Wind strength: Very strong, 14-19 m/s
Temperature: 4
Visibility: Moderate, 4-10km
Cloud Cover: Overcast 8/8
Precipitation: Snow flurries