21st April 2017

20 nets opened at 0430 in a strong wind that started in SW but moved to W and reduced slightly to allow more nets to be opened later in the morning. Kay left island to get shopping, so some nets closed then with the rest closed at 1100.

Only 7 new birds of 5 species, continuing the run of very poor capture days – 6 days now with less than 10 birds per day. On the plus side – and we have to keep making ourselves aware of these!!!- excellent views of a sub-adult White-tailed Eagle on a number of occasions this morning, quite close and being mobbed by a variety of gull species. Also had two Wheatear outside the Obs briefly, a sign of spring migration at least!!!

Timber for boardwalks arrived this morning instead of last night, so busy with that this afternoon. Met up with Lennarts and moved 8 planks down to SUDD and the rest up to the Obs. After Lennarts had gone I took the time to move the planks into position, all they need tomorrow is cutting to length, nailing in place and the old rotten timber taking to the fire gully. All done in only 90 minutes. SUDD should be a safer place this year!

So far as we are aware there is just Chris & Kay at the Obs. Funny how the birders turn up when the birds do – it’s almost like they know!!!

Wind: West
Wind strength: Strong, 8-13 m/s
Temperature: 5
Visibility: Moderate, 4-10km
Cloud Cover: Cloudy, 6-7/8
Precipitation: Dry


Wren Gärdsmyg 2
Robin Rödhake 1
Song Thrush Taltrast 1
Chaffinch Bofink 1
Yellowhammer Gulsparv 2
of note
Greylag Goose Grågås 2 Pair
Common Teal Kricka 2 Pair
White-tailed Eagle Havsörn 1 sub-adult
Black Redstart Svart rödstjärt 1
Northern Wheatear Stenskvätta 2
Fieldfare Björktrast 2