In line with
soaring temperatures across much of western and northern Europe, today reached
30c here, the hottest day of the year so far. Around 150 Painted Ladies
(Tistelfjäril) were seen north of the obs today – we have seen another big
surge of this species in the last two days after the main arrival in June. 20 birds
were ringed this morning, including an adult male Scarlet Rosefinch

Wind: Westerly
Strength 0-6 m/s
Temperature: 18-30
Visibility: Good
Cloud cover: 0-2/8
Precipitation: None

Ringing day totals:

/ Rödhake: 1

/ Koltrast: 3

Icterine Warbler / Härmsångare:

Lesser Whitethroat / Ärtsångare: 2

Willow Warbler
/ Lövsångare: 3

Great Tit / Talgoxe: 2

Tree Sparrow / Pilfink: 4

Scarlet Rosefinch: 1

Yellowhammer / Gulsparv: 1

Total: 20