Hello from Espen and Matt,
the new seasonal wardens at Landsort Fågelstation.

We both arrived over the last week, Matt set up
the first nets initially with Pelle and Liam and we finished the job today.
This morning we started with an hours seawatch and in the evening cycled up to
the north end to see a new part of the island. The weather has given us an
incredible welcome to the island as it’s been calm and very sunny, so we are
making the most of it while it lasts!

On this morning’s seawatch we had several small
groups of Long-tailed Ducks and a group of Common Scoter among the large flock
of around 400 Common Eider. Some small flocks of Razorbill also flew past, as
well as one of the regular White-tailed Eagles.

On the vismig side a few dribs and drabs have
started to come through from the south and we are hoping that this will pick up
further in coming days as the good weather looks set to hold for a little while
at least.

The surprise of the day was not a bird but the
Eurasian Beaver that swam past us at close range this evening at the north end. Typically,
neither of us had cameras at hand but it was a great experience nonetheless and
a new mammal species for both of us!