A late start to the working day as Chris was unwell during the night. Eventually put 11 of the nets up ready for when the weather permits ringing to start – will do more of them tomorrow.

Quickly settled back into the routine of Obs life and it does not seem like we have been away.

Obs given a clean after the winter – floors, sinks etc and Tore sorted out the problem with the cold water tap in the kitchen. Seems that when the system was made safe in winter, dirt was blown up the pipes and blocked the tap.

Raul & Caroline headed north for the day, returning late afternoon with a report of ‘not many birds!!!’.

Pelle, Deui & Karl were out for the day, bringing photocopy paper, bird seed and new nets.

There will be four at the Obs overnight: Chris, Kay, Raul & Caroline

Wind: North-east
Strength: Strong, 8-13 m/s
Temperature: 1
Visibility: Good, 10-20km
Cloud cover: Partly cloudy, 3-5/8
Precipitation: Dry